ToBai Extended Brand — brand extension for Magento stores


Selling products at web store needs a lot of work on marketing. Brand of a product is very important for some customers. They prefer Adidas or Nike rather than very beautiful but unknown Reporter snickers. They prefer iPhone or Samsung rather than cheap and functional but unknown Fly. Branding one of the most important features if you want increase your sales!

Magento has quite poor functionality for brand information. It has attributes “manufacturer” and “brand” but they are just simple attributes! No splash pages, no Logos, no links to brand pages. Nothing!

Fortunately there is such Magento extension as ToBai Extended Brand. This application provides all you may need to show information about brands available in your store. Splash pages can be easily customized, configuration is very functional and user friendly. On splash page of a brand (or any other attribute) you can not only provide brand information but also show a grid with products of the brand.

Category page, search page, tag page, all brands page, top menu — all these pages and blocks are customizable by the extension. Application has user friendly configuration and is very easy for customization by the developers.

One of the advantages is that you can enable brand functionality for multiple attributes. Good example is a book store. Every book has an author and publisher. Each of these entities can be performed by ToBai Extended Brand with different information and splash pages.

ToBai Extended Brand uses EAV for brand/attributes extended functionality which makes items very flexible and easy to extend. Extension code is open and uses only Magento coding practice.