ToBai Extended Navigation — better Layered Navigation for Magento store.


Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce system. Magento is used by 1.0% of all websites in 2014 (W3Techs). This system is so popular because of huge amount of different functional abilities. One of the greatest feature of Magento is Layered Navigation. It helps users to filter product collection by different attributes – price, color, weight, size, etc. Product search becomes more concrete and successful.

But sometimes big amount of attribute filters makes the process of product search not very user friendly. Every step of filtering makes page to reload. Some attribute filters have too many options. Some filter attributes would be better represented as images rather than text. But these drawbacks can be easily avoided. There is a great extension ToBai Extended Navigation which can solve all this problems.

Ajax category/search page – all actions with attribute filters and toolbar do not entail any page reload. Attribute filters have different view types such as checkboxes, images, slider, tree, dropdown. Sometimes you may need ability of multiple select for your attribute filter. It is impossible with default Magento Layered Navigation, but it is real with ToBai Layered Navigation! Just choose checkbox as a view type for your attribute filter and enjoy.

This extension has also one very important advantage – SEO friendly URLs. All attribute filter options can be displayed in URL not as identifiers but as text (color=3 – default Magento, color=red – ToBai Extended Navigation). One of the biggest advantage is fully responsive Price Slider. It perfectly works on PC as well as on any mobile phone or tablet.

ToBai Extended Navigation makes your Magento store really functional and user friendly. Enjoy!